5 Simple Steps… How to be more energetic, get rid of body fat, and feel more confidence

1. Get out there and play

Today, adults and kids are overweight due to sitting for endless hours with tech toys, watching TV, and eating over-sized packaged foods. Adults and kids, need to get outside and “play” as often as possible. Increased physical activity catapults the body’s metabolism to speed up and burn calories and body fat. As someone ages, the heart beats less because the metabolism slows down.
Playing 5 minutes each day is not sufficient. At 10 minutes, the heart just begins to get acclimated to the level of activity. 20 minutes daily is better. Calories burn as someone reaches the target heart rate.

2. Eat everything in moderation

The worst thing someone can do when trying to burn calories and get rid of body fat is to deprive the body of certain foods because it creates a greater craving. Eating favorite foods in moderation is better. Whatever is the soft spot—potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, French fries—it is okay, just do not over indulge.
A balanced daily intake of nutritious whole fresh foods, and daily not occasional physical activity, helps burn excess calories and get rid of unwanted fat from low nutritional value foods.

3. Eat smaller meals more frequently

A 17-hour day likely has someone wake up 7:00 AM and go to sleep midnight. It is important to keep glucose sugar levels balanced throughout the day. If not, someone may feel highs and lows with sudden bursts of energy and exhaustion. Eating three large meals a day forces the body to work overtime to try and digest and metabolize the food. If the body’s metabolism does not adequately speed up to burn the unwanted fat, sometimes food stores in the body as fat.
It is best to eat more frequently throughout the day with six smaller meals to help speed up metabolism and burn calories and unwanted fat. Each meal should include a protein and carbohydrate in an amount suited to someone’s specific age and body weight. The body metabolizes balanced nutrition into the purest form of energy, causing the body to crave pure energy and signals someone to eat every 3 to 4 hours. Infants get hungry every 3 hours and the same holds true as adults. Although, excuses such as “I’m in a meeting”, “I have to pick up the kids”, and others take precedence.

4. Make health a priority every day

Brushing teeth, showering, changing underwear (hope you do), eating, working, and caring for family, are priorities because each is made a priority. These fundamental activities are learned as a child. Now, more than ever, it is essential to add health to the daily list of priorities.
It is important to maintain health every day. Eating balanced nutritious whole foods and engaging in physical activity are vital on a daily basis, and not only when it can be squeezed into a busy schedule. With practice, the body becomes healthier as it burns excess calories and unwanted body fat.

5. Have patience… do not expect results right away

Do not expect to wake up after walking only one day or week and think the goal is reached overnight. It is unrealistic to think excess body weight that has been carried around by someone for years is going to magically disappear. Patience is necessary as someone relearns how to take care of the body. Today is a new day. Take charge and choose to become healthy and more confident, one step at a time!

Yvonne Hendricks is a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Cookbook Autghor
About the author

Yvonne Hendricks is a media personality, health and wellness expert, chef, author of Yvonne’s Cookbook “Let’s Eat!” Authentic Neapolitan Recipes & World Travel Inspired Meals , and vegetarian “pescatarian”even before it was an actualized word who lives and practices a healthy lifestyle for over 35 years. LEARN MORE

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