Yvonne makes an impact that lasts a lifetime!

Dream Come True Got Rid of 418 lbs.!

“I’m half the man I was and much more of a man now than I ever was. I owe so much to Yvonne for this new life and change in me.”
—Dennis H., Long Island, New York

Dennis’s heart and legs had given out and was confined to a bed for more than 6 years. He was given only a 45% chance for survival by an operative measure while living in a body weighing more than 3x normal capacity at 650 pounds back in October of 2003. He opted for gastric bypass surgery but understood that he had to alter the way he approached eating for the rest of his life.

Now weighing in at 232 lb. he’s met an incredible, loving woman named Lori, has traveled on an airplane for the first time in his life to Hawaii, actually went para-sailing and was married in May 2006.

Cholesterol, LDL, Glucose Down without Meds

I was referred to Ms. Hendricks by Dr. Rodionova in March of 2009. My cholesterol was 288, my LDL was 199, and my glucose was 176. I was being advised to go on medication for blood pressure, for cholesterol and for potential insulin resistance by several doctors. But I wanted to work with a nutritionist that would teach me better ways of eating and exercise to get these numbers down. In 3 months, my cholesterol came down to 193 and my LDL came down to 107. My glucose was within normal range. I did this all without medication! Through Yvonne Hendricks’ meal plans and exercise techniques, I feel as if am in control of my life again.
—Lajole P., New York


Got Rid of 93 lbs.!

When I first weighed in, I was 262. I now weigh 169. When Thanksgiving came around last year, I had so much more to be thankful for and it is because of Yvonne I can say that. Yvonne puts together a program that really works. I never thought I could run at 5.8 miles in an hour, but she taught me the benefits of interval training with intensities that really push me. She changes the program around every 2-4 weeks and shows that she cares about me as a person and is committed to my results. I really couldn’t have done this without her. I feel incredible and I play volleyball every week. Imagine me, diving for the save before? I feel like the knock-out she says I am.
—Nancy G., New York

2 Mile Marathon After TBD Diagnosis

In 1992, Ray was diagnosed with TBD (brain damage) from a serious car accident which impaired mobility on his entire left side. Ray is an inspiration to everyone that he meets and despite his tragic occurrence and permanent injuries, he completed a 2-mile walk marathon for breast cancer last year. Ray continues to persevere and strive for excellence in all that he does.
—Ray G., New York

Specialized Exercise Therapy & Healthy Chef

Yvonne has trained both of us individually and together as a couple. She designs exercises that are both interactive and enjoyable. Her specialized exercise therapy has emphasized working on balance, range of motion, breathing techniques, and strength-training, all of which are geared to our health and life-style needs. She has helped us to maintain a much-improved quality of life.

Yvonne has also been the source of a great support system. She prepares meals for us that are tasty and nutritious. We love the Mahi Cacciatore and Vegetarian Chili Fusilli! We’re amazed that she found the time to create, photograph, and publish a cookbook, along with everything she does! We’ve also been the lucky recipients of her homemade Good Friday Calzones and Spinacia Pie. And not to forget her “feather-light” homemade Christmas cookies which we look forward to as the holidays near.

Equally important is the wonderful friend she is, We count ourselves very lucky to know her.
—Judy P. and Marv Z., New York


I Recommend Yvonne to My Patients

I have personally worked with Ms. Hendricks. She is both knowledgeable in her field and caring in her interactions with her clients. I would have no hesitation in having my patients work with Ms. Hendricks.
—Gary Inwald, D.O., M.D., New York


Got Rid of 37 lbs. Feel So Much Better!

“Yvonne Hendricks is where it’s at! When I first trained with her, I weighed 293 pounds. I now weigh 256. I feel so much better about myself. Taking Yvonne on as a trainer and nutritionist was one of the best things that I did.”
—Fitzroy G., (MTA), New York

Learned How to Fuel My Body

“I owe so much to Yvonne for my transformation. She helped me get rid of so much weight that I don’t want people to realize how much I had on me. You can see the difference yourself. Of course I restyled my hair but my attitude is totally different. I worked really hard and I continue to eat correctly even after I reached my goal. Yvonne challenges me to never accept mediocre efforts. She taught me not only a combination of resistance training techniques but the proper way of fueling my body. I am a nurse so my world is very demanding and Yvonne helps to demand only the best for myself. I’m 5’8 and weigh 150 pounds. There, I’m proud to say what I am now. I feel great and most of all, I have more energy now than I ever had.”
—Ann C.

I Don’t Feel Deprived or Overwhelmed

Yvonne Hendricks provides a total package for her clients. What I have found is that Yvonne really listens to her clients and modifies her training program to meet the individual needs of each, not only with the basic program but on a day-to-day basis. She takes into consideration the objectives of the client and continues to educate herself when a client has specific physical needs such as osteoporosis, abnormal thyroid etc., so she can maximize the benefit of the program for the client’s age, weight, sex, body type, starting condition and motivation are all considered when Yvonne designs an individual physical training and nutritional program.

Yvonne constantly encourages her clients by explaining the target of each exercise and highlighting whenever there is some progress. She emphasizes the nutritional requirements of a training program and helps the client modify their diet in a way that compliments the physical training program without feeling deprived or overwhelmed.
—Susan R., Retired Teacher, Bronx, NY


Collegiate Hockey Forward

Michael Emmet, a sophomore at Towson University of Maryland, plays Forward for the Tigers American Collegiate Hockey Team. He scored 12 points in his 2006/07 regular season and almost tripled his overall stats to 34 points in 2007/08 season. He’s ranked 2nd in the MI division with 17 goals and 17 assets and holds an individual title for the longest streak of assets in 8 games. During college breaks, Emmitt trains with Personal Trainer, Yvonne Hendricks, in strength conditioning, balance, flexibility and endurance. He is majoring in Sports Management and remains inspired by Hendricks’ techniques.


70 Yrs. Old Best Shape of My Life

“I’m 70 years old and feel in the best shape of my life! I weighend 290 when I first began training with Yvonne in 2006. I now weigh 242 and got rid of more than 18% body fat. I also kicked smoking. Yvonne makes me look forward to exercising and staying healthy.”
—Peter A.

Training Post Rehab Senior

I was a member of a gym and observed Yvonne working with an individual who had a stroke and was limited in what he was capable of doing. She was so patient and encouraging. I watched for several months while I was doing my own Pilates and Yoga. I decided I wanted a support system the way I was observing that she gave to this man and I hired her as a Personal Trainer.  I trained with her at the gym for two years before she went on to her own private practice. I remained at the gym. A few years later she called me and asked how I was doing and I had just dealt with Bells Palsy. She asked if I would I like to do post rehab with her in my home. I was  now retired and we could arrange a two hour session twice a week, even though I was still at the gym. This occurred over ten years ago and we are still working together today.  I am no longer at the gym, and do not miss it at all. She is very understanding and knows my capabilities, always encouraging me when I feel that I am not doing my best. Did I mention I’m 80?
—Heda S., White Plains, NY

A 17 Year Training Partnership

Training with Yvonne has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! She has provided me post rehabilitation for several surgeries, answered questions about aging and slowing down, as well as nutritional information as my needs change. We still train together 2 times a week after 17 years! I am sure the mobility I enjoy is because of our continued partnership. As I said, a great decision.
—Rhoda K., White Plains, NY


Private & Community Group Instructor

When I met Yvonne Hendricks I found a one of a kind precious gem. She is brilliant, strong, and warm; all at the same time. Yvonne has been my personal trainer, group water exercise instructor, as well as an indoor exercise teacher. In addition to her on target personal assessment of my strengths and weaknesses, she has listened to and addressed my wants and needs. For the group sessions she has created a class designed to be flexible and meet the varied needs and abilities of all the participants. What started out as one water class a week during the summer turned into four indoor exercise classes for the fall. Everyone who meets Yvonne and works with her has nothing but the highest praise for her both as a person and an instructor. Both our community and myself personally, look forward to a long working relationship.
—Debbie R., Chairman of Social Committee, High Point, NY


Haven’t Felt This Sexy & Confident in Years

“I’m 40 with 2 kids, got rid of 30 lbs and 6 inches off my waist. I haven’t felt this sexy and confident in years! Thanks Yvonne!”
—Andrea P.